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Careers Education Plans

The provision of CEIAG is delivered in taught sessions as part of PSHE lessons in years 7-11 and is further enhanced through form tutor sessions, special assemblies, and whole year events such as industry days, post 16 evenings, enterprise activities, University visits, Employer career talks and Employer interventions.

Year 7 - a programme of personal development and understanding of role in relation to others.

Year 8 - a continuation of Year 7 work and more challenging situations to helping the development of self-autonomy.

Year 9 - further progression from the foundations of earlier years with "Options Evening" being a key component of the years programme along with Industry Day and Progression Pathway talks

Year 10 - students will take part in WOW (World of Work) days which will involve local employer-led sessions, learning about Post 16 options and opportunities, start the Employability Passport and have other CEIAG related activities.  All students will be expected to participate in a weeks Work Experience placement during the spring term.  They will also experience Mock Interviews, participate in CV workshops and health and safety sessions to prepare them for their placements. 

Year 11 - advice, information and guidance about 16+ opportunities is delivered through timetable lessons in PSHE lessons as well as the provision of opportunities to meet post 16 providers from FE/HE Sixth Forms, Apprenticeships and training providers.  Students also have the opportunity to book a more detailed careers interview with Mr Taylor.

Our CEIAG programme is a mixture of small careers events, activities, practical workshops, talks, lectures and visits all designed to encourage our students to explore different career possibilities and think outside of the box.  All of the programmes teach students much needed skills for when they leave education and enter the world of work.

The CEIAG programmes develop our students’ skills and knowledge using the Skills Builder Framework.  These skills are:

  •  Listening
  •  Presenting 
  •  Problem Solving
  •  Creativity 
  •  Staying positive  
  •  Aiming higher
  •  Leadership  
  •  Teamwork

Commitment: The school is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance for all students in Years 7-11 in partnership with outside agencies in order to deliver affective CEIAG KS3 and KS4 learners.  The school actively works with local employers and committed business partners who support the delivery of CEIAG planned programmes.  The school has a designated Careers Lead who in conjunction with the Careers Education and Guidance Coordinator, oversee and manage the CEIAG planned programme.  A member of the Senior Leadership Team has overall responsibility for CEIAG.