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Careers and Life Skills at Murray Park

At Murray Park we firmly believe that students have the right to access free and impartial Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) and also learn about the world of work.

We believe that the CEIAG programme:-

    • Is fundamentally important in helping to prepare our students or the challenges of adult life and the world of work.
    • Is an integral part of students' personal and academic development
    • Helps to motivate students to achieve their full potential both in school and after they have left Murray Park

The provision of CEIAG is delivered in taught sessions as part of PSHE lessons in years 7-11 and is further enhanced through form tutor sessions, special assemblies, and whole year events such as industry days, post 16 evenings and enterprise activities.

Throughout their time in school students are provided with access to a variety of online resources to help them make well informed choices about their future.  An integral part of this is making them aware of LMI (Labour Market Information).

Year 7 - a programme of personal development and understanding of role in relation to others.

Year 8 - a continuation of Year 7 work and more challenging situations to helping the development of self-autonomy.

Year 9 - further progression from the foundations of earlier years with "Options Evening" being a key component of the years programme along with Industry Day and Progression Pathway talks

Year 10 - students will take part in WOW (World of Work) days which will involve local employer-led sessions, learning about Post 16 options and opportunities, start the Employability Passport and have other CEIAG related activities.  All students will be expected to participate in a weeks Work Experience placement during the spring term.  They will also experience Mock Interviews, participate in CV workshops and health and safety sessions to prepare them for their placements. 

Year 11 - advice, information and guidance about 16+ opportunities is delivered through timetable lessons in PSHE lessons as well as the provision of opportunities to meet post 16 providers from FE/HE Sixth Forms, Apprenticeships and training providers.  Students also have the opportunity to book a more detailed careers interview with Mr Taylor.

Student Entitlement

During your time at Murray Park you can expect to receive the following CEIAG:

      • Clear, impartial, and unbiased advice and information about all options available, so that you understand what they involve;
      • Support and guidance to help you make choices and complete a career plan for the future
      • Regular personal support with information on how well you are doing. And guidance to help you to make sensible decisions about what is right for you in the future
      • Help to decide what to do when you leave school, including further learning, training or employment;
      • A programme of careers education helping you to develop skills and knowledge to make choices and the transition to work and learning;
      • The opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that affect your learning;
      • An opportunity to set out an individual learning plan

Parents may expect:-

      • Information at key transition Parents Evenings about the CEIAG provided for the students through the Murray Park's ACE (Aspirations Careers Employability) Team.
      • Help and guidance at critical stages in the students careers, such as, in Year 9 with Key Stage 4 Options decisions
      • Year 11 with 16+ choices.
      • Easy access for contact and communication with careers staff.

This is implemented by:-

Murray Park's ACE team (The Careers Lead - Mr Taylor and the Careers Education Guidance Coordinator - Miss Woolley) manages, reviews and evaluates the agreed programmes and liaises  with Tutors, Teachers, Heads of Years, Heads of Subjects, Senior Management and Governors. It is an integrated programme of CEIAG and Employability lessons delivered through the PSHE programme combined with work in tutors groups and subject areas which is reviewed and agreed annually.

"I need some help with Careers and Life skills..........who can I see?"

We have many staff in school and visiting advisors that can help you Visiting Specialists.

Mr Taylor - Aspirations, Careers and Employability Coordinators based in the Careers Centre. Mr Taylor is a Level 6 professionally trained Careers Practitioner who can provide Careers information advice and guidance to both students and parents. Mr Taylor can be found at lunch times or after school for help regarding careers advice and help with options. We also have a careers drop in session in the library at lunch times (refer to notice boards for days and times).

Miss Woolley - Careers Education and Guidance Coordinator - available after school for support with CEIAG.

Mrs Balaghan (office on corner across from English classrooms) - available within school to give support and advice on Work Experience.

Help can also bee sought from tutors, Heads of Year, PSHE staff and subject teachers.